SNL‘s Weekend Update Says Trump Acted Like a “Coke Addict” at His Wall Press Conference

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SNL‘s Weekend Update Says Trump Acted Like a “Coke Addict” at His Wall Press Conference

Maybe halfway through this Weekend Update clip Michael Che talks about how tired he is of having to make jokes about Donald Trump. We feel you, Che. We’re tired of hearing jokes about the guy, too, if only because everybody tries to do it, and the vast majority of those jokes are bad.

I’m not saying comedians should avoid politics. It’d be irresponsible for a news parody like Weekend Update to not have some political material. But there’s enough ridiculous stuff being perpetrated in our country every day, at every level of society, for SNL to fill five minutes every week without rehashing the same jokes and observations about our disgusting, irredeemable president. Cut the jokes about Trump’s press conference—which, yes, was incredibly embarrassing, even for a guy whose bar is literally below the ground at this point—and focus on the jokes about Trump’s fully GOP-endorsed policies, as this segment does during its last thirty seconds. After all, Trump didn’t create the racist demand for a pointless border wall—in fact, both the wall and Trump’s political career were created by the same shameless conservative movement that has long intentionally lied to a misinformed populace, stoking a senseless hatred and a rise of regressive beliefs within them, and that gradually took complete control of the Republican party.

Anyway, check out the first few minutes of this week’s Weekend Update below, especially if you haven’t already seen Trump’s weird sing-song recitation in the Rose Garden, and get ready to feel even worse about where our country is headed.

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