Seth Meyers Takes a Closer Look at Trump’s Meltdown Amid Impeachment Inquiry

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Seth Meyers Takes a Closer Look at Trump’s Meltdown Amid Impeachment Inquiry

If you enjoy schadenfreude, and do not enjoy Donald Trump and his administration, you’re going to love Seth Meyers’ latest “A Closer Look.” On Monday night’s episode, the Late Night host dedicated his signature segment to taking stock of Trump’s ongoing meltdown amid an impeachment inquiry that may represent the turning tide.

“After more than two years of serially abusing his power as president, using the office to enrich himself, welcoming the interference of foreign governments and inflicting human rights abuses on migrant families, Donald Trump probably thought he got away with all of it,” Meyers begins—what follows is 15 minutes of complete and total tomfoolery, including Trump’s floundering attempts to defend his “perfect” Ukraine call, as well as the abjectly inept efforts of his various lackeys (the ones he hasn’t fired or otherwise betrayed yet, anyway) to defend their fearless leader. The Trump administration was already a clown car, but now the wheels are really coming off—and possibly for good.

“Reality is catching up with Trump,” as Meyers (perhaps somewhat optimistically) puts it, and in response, our large, panicky president “keeps stacking offenses on top of impeachable offenses … he’s making a Scooby sandwich of crimes.” Amid increasing support for impeachment among the American public, it looks like sooner or later, Trump is going to have to eat that sandwich—especially if the shitshow that is his defense continues in this incoherent fashion—but until that day actually comes, we’ll have to settle for enjoying every moment of seeing him squirm.

Watch Meyers’ segment in full below.

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