Seth Meyers Wades into Trump’s Latest Madness and the President’s Complete Lack of Personal Responsibility

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Seth Meyers Wades into Trump’s Latest Madness and the President’s Complete Lack of Personal Responsibility

So is this what the collapse of America’s gonna look like? The West Coast engulfed in flames, a constant stream of hurricanes hitting the Gulf, extreme temperature swings nationwide, a barely checked pandemic surging throughout the country, the government and its law enforcement wing habitually inflicting violence upon a justifiably enraged populace, and an incompetent, intentionally divisive president not even trying to hide his authoritarian ways and dictatorial ambitions? If I had known Donald Trump was going to pour gasoline on the fire of America’s demise I wouldn’t have bought his dumb board game at the Zayre when I was a kid.

Seth Meyers, a TV man, sums up the last week or so of Trump madness in this clip from last night’s episode of Late Night. Trump and his bootlicking surrogates have gone out of their way to peg all of America’s problems on Joe Biden—a guy who hasn’t held any political office in almost four years—and the Democrats, a party that has held relatively little power since Trump was elected. The GOP playbook is to act like nothing is ever Trump’s fault and that somehow reelecting an incumbent will bring about great change within the country that that incumbent and his policies have built over the last four years. “The party of personal responsibility,” as Meyers points out, apparently believes that Trump isn’t responsible for anything. It’s infuriating.

Meyers has some okay jokes here. Whatever. It doesn’t feel good to see this constant avalanche of bad news summed up so quickly, but it’s probably important, or something, to realize and acknowledge that this stuff is happening. And if you’re gonna have to acknowledge it, at least it can come with a few jokes on the side.

Check it out below, unless you feel bad watching a clip from a show produced by the same producer and comedy titan (you might’ve heard of him: Lorne Michaels?) who gave Trump a free campaign ad during his 2016 presidential campaign.

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