David S. Pumpkins Is Returning to SNL

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David S. Pumpkins Is Returning to SNL

Last October, Tom Hanks introduced us to arguably the most immediately memorable SNL character in years: none other than David S. Pumpkins. The jack-o’-lantern-suited ghoul danced his way into all of our hearts, delivering his enigmatic catchphrases directly into the pop-cultural consciousness. And now he’s going to do it all over again.

Yesterday evening, Hanks tweeted a photo of a script page—all but certainly one from SNL’s forthcoming 43rd season—that appears to confirm the beloved character’s triumphant return. The page is titled “The David S. Pumpkins Song,” and contains a brief description of “a very Sorcerer’s Apprentice-type sequence.”

Hanks’ first performance as Pumpkins landed him an Emmy nom for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series. We can only imagine what accolades “The David S. Pumpkins Song” will earn him, but one thing is clear: It’s going to be a very happy Halloween, indeed.

SNL returns for season 43 on Sept. 30 at 11:30 p.m. EDT on NBC. See Hanks’ tease in the tweet below, and beneath that, revisit the glorious debut of David S. Pumpkins.

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