South Park‘s Pandemic Special Airs Tonight on Comedy Central, MTV and MTV2

Comedy News South Park
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Comedy Central will be simulcasting a special pandemic-themed episode of their long-running animation South Park tonight on MTV and MTV2.

Titled “The Pandemic Special,” the hour-long South Park episode will air across the Viacom channels starting at 8 p.m. ET tonight. This is the first time Viacom has done a simulcast across all of its channels like this.

The special episode finds Randy Marsh and other South Park citizens dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic challenges within their town.

Comedy Central’s also released a short “behind the scenes” video about the episode’s creation. Check it out if you really like watching Zoom meetings and tours of strangers’ homes.

And if you’re starved for South Park content, you can always go read Paste’s ranking of the best South Park characters here to pass the time before the pandemic special airs.