Real Companies Actually Tweeted These Things On Star Wars Day

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Star Wars opened in theaters on May 25, 1977. It was a good movie! People really liked it, and they still really like it. They like it so much that they wanted to make a fake internet holiday about it, and they got so excited about that fake internet holiday that they couldn’t even wait the three extra weeks until it was May 25. They decided to make the fake internet holiday fall on May 4, so that they can say “May the Fourth be with you!” That’s a pun and a reference to a Star Wars thing, and people like puns almost as much as they like Star Wars things, even when the puns are really bad. As soon as people did this companies hopped on board and started using Star Wars Day and May the Fourth to sell things to people, which all builds up to where we are today, with May 4 being perhaps the most interminable day on the internet, where almost every day is already interminable. It’s so cool that computers have made this possible.

This is not a comprehensive collection of tweets from companies riffing on Star Wars Day. For that go to Twitter. This is merely a sampling of what happens on the internet in the year 2015 when companies want to exploit the enduring popularity of a 40-year-old movie to sell you toilet paper and pizza-related food products.

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