The Funniest Tweets About the State of the Union

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The Funniest Tweets About the State of the Union

Okay, we’re sorry: none of these tweets are actually funny. I mean, they all made us laugh, but, like, legitimate humor is dead and completely impossible in this hellish nightmare that the unluckiest of us have to wake up to every morning. If you can laugh about an endless speech where our overflowing sewer of a president portrays immigrants as soulless murderers, leads half the chamber in a round of cheers over stripping millions of Americans of life-preserving insurance, and just generally indulges his indefatigable thirst for thoughtless, hate-driven assholery, then, well, you also probably thought Claude Lanzmann’s Shoah was a laff riot.

Anyway. Anyway. The content mill churns on.

If anything could be funny right now, these tweets would be it. As hard as it is to laugh right now, these mothers all did the job, to some degree. We’re not happy about it, we’re not proud to admit it, but yes, we were able to find a tiny bit of solace in some pretty dark gallows humor tonight.

And if it sounds like we’re overdoing the apocalyptic negativity, well, you probably can’t even imagine how much we had to drink to stomach just reading tweets about that speech tonight. (No, we didn’t watch it—wrestling was on.)

These tweets are fine. They are good. Appreciate them. They’re all we got tonight.

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