Stephen Colbert is Delighted that Trump is Mad at Him

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Stephen Colbert is Delighted that Trump is Mad at Him

Stephen Colbert has basically made his case for late night with an opening monologue dedicated to Trump almost every night since November. He really got a surge in ratings recently because of his responses to Trump’s antics, but there’s been absolutely nothing from the walking Circus Peanut in response. Well, last night Colbert got to live the dream by responding to Trump’s remarks about Stephen and his show, and he was beside himself with joy.

Almost like a giddy child on Christmas morning, Colbert was thrilled to have a response from the president. “Don’t you know I’ve been trying to get you to say my name for a year? And you’ve been very restrained—admirably restrained—but now you did it. I won!” Colbert said gleefully. And he’s got a point, Trump caved when he probably shouldn’t have. But restraint isn’t his strongest suit. Colbert did offer up a solution to this whole situation: “If you really want to take me down, there’s an obvious way: resign.” Jimmy Fallon would probably be happier.

Check out the segment above.

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