The Funniest Super Bowl Tweets of 2021

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The Funniest Super Bowl Tweets of 2021

The best way to watch the Super Bowl is by reading tweets. Because that way you don’t actually have to watch the Super Bowl.

I’ve got nothing against football. Obviously I don’t, I’m Southern. But the Super Bowl is usually such a bust, and the thought of sitting through yet another Tom Brady win was sickening. So instead of watching the game I just periodically looked at my phone to see what people were saying about it. Today I woke up and realized I had liked enough tweets about the game to fill out a tweet gallery, and so here we are: with a (not that) comprehensive collection of the funniest (to me) tweets about this year’s football game.


Check out all of those tweets below, and follow all the smart, funny, respectable people who wrote ‘em.

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