The Funniest Tweets about Trump’s SCOTUS Pick

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The Funniest Tweets about Trump’s SCOTUS Pick

Okay, none of these tweets are actually funny. I mean, some of them are jokes that made me laugh, maybe even chuckle, but the times are so grim that it’s straight-up irresponsible to make jokes about Trump’s second Supreme Court nominee. Even before Trump confirmed it to be Brett Kavanaugh in another one of his obnoxious reality TV-style press conferences, everybody knew that whoever Trump named would be an ideological ramrod willing to repeal Roe vs. Wade and pull the court permanently towards the extreme right for probably decades to come. It ain’t good, folks, and we don’t mean to belittle the legitimate fear and anxiety every right-thinking citizen should be feeling right now.

Still, though. Jokes can help? Like all those Romanians who suffered under Ceausescu? Yeah, he was an inhuman despot who brutalized his own people, but if you want to hear some great gallows humor, go talk to an old Romanian. Hopefully we never hit mid-to-late 20th century Romania levels of despair here in the States (but again, this is only Trump’s second year in office, somehow), but there’s something to be admired about their humor in the face of absolute deprivation.

Okay, yeah, the Supreme Court. Trump named his man (of course it was a man) and the people responded. Some of those people are funnier than others, though, and these here are the best, bleakest, funniest, most fatalistic, and most hilariously, absurdly resigned tweets about the whole damn thing. Take a look, keep on feeling bad, and get ready to vote when the voting time comes.

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