The Funniest Tweets about Ted Cruz’s Trip to Cancun

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The Funniest Tweets about Ted Cruz’s Trip to Cancun

Texas is in the middle of an unprecedented climate disaster, which has deprived much of the state of power and clean drinking water for days. The death toll is climbing, and the full scope of the catastrophe probably won’t be known for days or weeks. It’s also disrupted the distribution of the Covid-19 vaccine, prolonging the impact of the pandemic. It’s a terrible moment in Texas’s history, which means it’s also a perfect time for Ted Cruz, one of Texas’s senators, to jet off to Cancun with his family, apparently.

Ted Cruz, of course, is one of the most shameless partisan ideologues in Congress. His national stature was established through the fulsome praise of far right media figures like Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh, and his naked ambition drove him to cozy up to Donald Trump even after the then-future president had personally insulted Cruz’s father and wife during the 2016 campaign. Basically Cruz’s entire career in government serves one goal: to benefit himself and, in turn, the power brokers of the Republican Party. He probably didn’t think twice about flying down to Mexico while his constituents were dealing with a state-wide disaster.

Unfortunately for him, he was caught. Yesterday a photo circulated of Cruz on a plane headed for Cancun. He eventually issued a statement, claiming that he was simply escorting his daughters down to their vacation before returning the next day to help Texas with its problems. So he basically threw his own daughters under the bus, blaming them for his mistake. MSNBC quickly reported that overnighter claim as a lie, with an airline source telling them that until early this morning Cruz was scheduled to return on Saturday.

Ted Cruz is already one of the two or three most hated and roundly mocked people in the Senate. (It’s probably a toss-up between him, Mitch McConnell, and Rand Paul.) He was already at the center of the Capitol riot controversy, having been accused of helping to incite that violence. He’s also just generally an unlikable, contemptible dude. So obviously this embarrassment and Cruz’s cowardice at a time of great need for Texas would result in a bunch of really funny tweets. People love dunking on Ted Cruz, and he’s uniquely talented at putting himself in prime position for some of the most merciless dunks you’ll ever see online. Here are the funniest of the ones we’ve seen today. Dig ’em, like ’em, follow the tweeters, and maybe think about helping those stranded and freezing in Texas and elsewhere throughout the South.

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