Watch All the Clips From Last Night’s Daily Show Reunion

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Watch All the Clips From Last Night’s Daily Show Reunion

Last night’s mammoth Daily Show reunion episode of The Late Show With Stephen Colbert began, fittingly, with a flashback.

This opening sketch purports to depict Colbert’s final day of work at The Daily Show in 2005. As he stood in the company kitchen in a state of bittersweet (read: hilarious) contemplation, the featured alums marched through the doors one or two at a time, bringing with them various winking quips that suggested a prescience the comedians’ 2005 selves couldn’t have had (on then-POTUS George Bush, a frazzle-haired Samantha Bee joked with faux certainty, “There’s never gonna be another President this good for comedy!”) Appropriately, Jon Stewart, the stalwart Daily Show host from 1999-2015, was given the privilege of appearing fashionably last and in grand style, topping off a segment that was, overall, an affable display of goofball charm laced with the poignancy of nostalgia.

View the full intro above, and check out a host of other clips from the rest of the show, which was filled with a bunch of similarly endearing moments.

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