Santa Claus Deals with a Coup in This Exclusive Clip from SYFY’s The Pole

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Santa Claus Deals with a Coup in This Exclusive Clip from SYFY’s The Pole

The Pole wraps up its first season on SYFY tonight with some political intrigue. The finale, “Christmas Spirit Never Says Die,” shows what happens when a new Santa Claus is chosen democratically instead of through heredity. Based on the exclusive clip below, it looks like the North Pole’s first election goes about as smoothly as the one we all just suffered through here in the U.S. What happens when unruly elves and a son who can’t wait for his birthright conspire to steal Santa’s job and title? Find out in The Pole, which arrives in convenient 15-minute chunks, similar to Adult Swim. Oh, and despite all the Santa business, this definitely isn’t a cartoon for kids, as the clip below proves with liberal use of the word “fuck.”

If Santa and his crew sound familiar, well, that’s because The Pole’s cast is full of well-known comedians and actors. Former SNL man Bobby Moynihan moonlights from his Mr. Mayor gig to play the current Santa, Nick, with Jillian Bell from Workaholics voicing his wife Gretchen, the brains of the operation. Nicole Byer, Tim Simons, Sasheer Zamata, SungWon Cho, and Colin Jost also pop up throughout the six-episode first season. And the whole thing is created and written by Matthew Bass and Theodore Bressman, who also wrote on Hulu’s Future Man.

If you’ve ever wanted to see a foul-mouthed, absurd cartoon about Santa Claus that focuses on succession and labor issues, The Pole’s the show for you—and here’s an exclusive preview to give you a taste. The full episode premieres on SYFY tonight at 11 p.m.

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