Trump Supporter Throws Beer at Comedian Ariel Elias on Stage, Elias Chugs It Like a Champ

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Trump Supporter Throws Beer at Comedian Ariel Elias on Stage, Elias Chugs It Like a Champ

Donald Trump may be out of the Oval Office, but his supporters are certainly still out there, ready to pick a fight. Unfortunately, Kentucky-raised comedian Ariel Elias discovered this first-hand at Uncle Vinnie’s Comedy Club in New Jersey this weekend, where she was opening for fellow comic Gianmarco Soresi.

In a clip Elias shared on Twitter, a heckler asked the comedian if she voted for Trump (the answer was no). Elias tried to diffuse the situation by saying, “Guys, everybody vote for whoever you want to vote [for], I don’t care who you voted for. I’m just happy we’re all here together.” The audience member kept shouting at Elias, though, and the Trump supporter’s partner ended up throwing a beer can at the comedian. Elias managed to dodge the projectile, and not only did that, but she chugged the beer like a goddamn champ.

Other performers tweeted in praise of Elias’ cool demeanor.

The venue’s owner, Dino Ibelli, contacted the police on Sunday morning regarding the incident, according to Buzzfeed News. Police have since collected evidence from the club.

“Basically, it was a wild night,” Elias shared in a statement. “I love standup so much. Please don’t throw things at me.”

The headliner, Soresi, added, “It’s so cool to practice an art form that only gets attention when something goes terribly. I’m glad Ariel is safe and I’m not just saying that because I hope she lets me open for her next time.”

Soresi’s right—let’s give Elias attention not just for her ability to perform in a frightening situation, but also because she’s funny as hell. If the video above didn’t convince you, check out her performance from the 2021 Just For Laughs festival, where she was featured as one of their New Faces of Comedy, and try to catch her next show:

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