Watch the Trailer for Andy Samberg’s 7 Days in Hell

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Watch the Trailer for Andy Samberg’s 7 Days in Hell

Andy Samberg and Game of Thrones’ Kit Harington star in 7 Days in Hell, an upcoming HBO mockumentary about the longest tennis match in history. The short film also features Lena Dunham, Karen Gillan, Will Forte, Michael Sheen, John McEnroe, David Copperfield (?!), Serena Williams and more. It’s written by Girls and King of the Hill writer Murray Miller and directed by Jake Szymanski, whose IMDB page is full of Funny or Die shorts, sitcom episodes, SNL’s “Underground Festival” video and John Mulaney’s New in Town stand-up special. People do things and this is a thing that people did. Some people play tennis forever, until their bodies revolt and cascade into nothingness. (Has anybody actually seen John Isner [Go Dawgs!] or Nicolas Mahut since their three-day Wimbledon epic from 2010 ended with a court covered in ashes and goo?) Other people make 43 minute movies that take real-life situations and make them just a little bit wacky, just skew them just a little bit, with their own personal little point of view that’s just a bit “out there,” and slap it onto the Home Box Office, which will always be the home of Wimbledon in my heart. And finally people like us are left to watch these movies, our faces alight with awe and wonder at the pictures moving on our funtime box on the edge of our hangout room, dabbing away the tears of laughter and sadness and longing as we reflect on the marvels of the entertainment world and the dark void that grows slowly at the center of our being. 7 Days in Hell premieres on HBO on July 11.

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