Whitney Cummings Defends Joe Rogan, Inadvertently Invents New Meme Format

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Whitney Cummings Defends Joe Rogan, Inadvertently Invents New Meme Format

Comedian Whitney Cummings has gone to bat for Joe Rogan and firmly struck out.

Just in case you’re not perpetually online, Rogan has been criticized for his use of racial slurs and spreading misinformation about the pandemic on his popular podcast The Joe Rogan Experience. Music legends like Neil Young and Joni Mitchell have pulled their catalogs from Spotify in protest of the platform’s continued support of Rogan, and the list of artists doing the same continues to grow. In recent days, the website JRE Missing found that 113 episodes of The Joe Rogan Experience have been removed from Spotify, including interviews with notorious creep Chris D’Elia, conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, far-right drip Milo Yiannopoulos and numerous others, with no apparent explanation.

Fast-forward to February 6, and Cummings decided to chime in on Twitter about the flack Rogan’s been getting. Also, people are still claiming he’s a comedian.

A couple points: a) spending any time with Rogan is haunted house-level scary to me, and b) Cummings’ comments make sense considering her pretty shitty racist track record on 2 Broke Girls.

People made lemonade out of lemons, though, parodying her tweet for our collective benefit (and now that I’m writing an article about it, the meme is almost certainly deceased).

Please let this be the last time I ever write about anything related to Joe Rogan.

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