Exclusive: Tyler Crook & John Arcudi Expose the Horrors of Nudity in CBLDF Annual

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Writer John Arcudi and artist Tyler Crook are well versed in the terrifying and macabre. The pair united with Mike Mignola on B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth for apocalyptic tales of grotesque monsters and ghouls, while Crook is currently brewing up witchy backwoods dread with Cullen Bunn in Harrow County and Arcudi is summoning scarecrow gods with James Harren in Rumble. For next month’s Comic Book Legal Defense Fund Annual 2015, though, the pair have found something far more insidious: a nudie magazine.


Crook and Arcudi join a murderer’s row of other cartooning humorists including Jeffrey Brown, Bob Fingerman, Tom Fowler, Eric Powell, Fred Van Lente and Art Spiegelman, among many talented others. The special celebrates “ridiculous humor for adults,” citing ribald prophets The Realist, Spy and National Lampoon as inspiration. The following strips “touch on Satanism, prostitution, pornography, war, awkward sex, gratuitous violence, and all the other things that aren’t typical fodder for punchlines.” This very un-PC approach serves as a nice counterpoint to celebrate First Amendment freedom after a year marred by the Charlie Hebdo attacks and college freshmen who really need their heads submerged in toilets. Boobs and satanism will certainly do the trick.

Arcudi and Crook’s piece offers a hilarious bit of ‘50s anti-porno propaganda through the eyes of a youth who discovers a Boobs-A-Poppin magazine. Suffice to say, nobody’s going blind at the end of this strip. Probably. The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund is a non-profit that provides legal aid to comic book professionals and retailers. Their annual lands on racks (sorry) October 7, 2015.

CBLDF Annual Strip by John Arcudi & Tyler Crook

CBLDF Annual Strip by John Arcudi & Tyler Crook

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