6 Ways to (Easily) Achieve Scandinavian-Style Interiors

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There’s most definitely an obsession with the sophisticated, yet attainable, minimalist Scandinavian style. (If you don’t believe us, just look on Tumblr.) Here, some doable ways to ease yourself into the style without putting all your things into storage.

1. Lighten up on color


Think of winter whites. Bingo! Painting your walls white or light gray is easy enough. Stick with a mostly pale palette, and if you must, go with a few strategically placed subtle pops of color.

2. Use Geometric Accents


Whether it’s hexagon open-shelving limits or a teardrop himmeli, embrace the geometric shapes you learned about in elementary school. But don’t get too ambitious. Remember, clean lines!

3. Throw in Some Sheepskin


A white, furry accent, (especially a faux one), never hurt anything. Toss it on a low-traffic area of your floor, to cushion a dining chair, or over a couch arm rest for a tasteful on-trend accent to your existing décor.

4. Pick Pin-Leg and Wire Furniture


Even your furniture legs can embrace the airy, minimalist look. Buy a kit and switch out your existing legs or find a few budget-friendly side tables with pin legs to go in your living room.

5. Ditch Your Curtains


Maximize your new light-colored décor by harnessing as much natural light as possible. Either invest in gauzy curtains or be bold and go curtain-less. Your interior will be brighter, lighter and decidedly more Scandinavian.

6. Embrace the Less-is-More Approach


You won’t spy a bunch of souvenirs and collectibles in a picturesque Scandinavian interior. Hidden storage is your friend!

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