7 Smart Ways to Use Just a Little Bit of Wallpaper

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As fun as it would be to line your whole living room with that palm frond wallpaper you fell for, it isn’t always practical. We rounded up some ideas to put a roll of lovely paper to work.

1. Highlight a Small Accent Wall

WALL.jpgPhoto via Instagram.com/mathouchou

Make good use of a tight stair landing or another quirky corner with a graphic print.

2. Swap it in as a Drawer Liner

LINER.jpgPhoto via Instagram.com/ninelivesdesign

Pretty up drawers (and encourage organization) by adding pattern inside.

3. Install it as a Backsplash

BACK.jpgPhoto via Instagram.com/katekiraly

Give a kitchen a lively makeover. Just make sure to cut a piece of tempered glass to layer on top because fire safety.

4. Call Attention to Open Shelves

OPEN.jpgPhoto via Instagram.com/pinpinabkk

A dreamy watercolor-style swirl helps the eye zero in on a charming little corner.

5. Highlight Door Panels

DOOR.jpgPhoto via Instagram.com/bewarethemoonwallpaper

Draw attention to detailed doors with wallpaper strips in a fun print.

6. Make Over Stair Risers

STAIRS.jpgPhoto via Instagram.com/betapetwallpapers

Take the transitional space a step up with bold patterns that line up from afar.

7. Line Above the Tile

TILE.jpgPhoto via Instagram.com/socialhowlw

Pair a half wall of plain tile in a small bath with something bright.