Style Record: Astrid S

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Style Record: Astrid S

Norwegian pop star Astrid S has been singing almost since birth. In 2013, she competed on Norway’s Pop Idol at the tender age of 16, and at 17, she moved to Oslo to focus on her music career. Since then, she has released bangers like “2 AM” and “Breathe,” showcasing her unique sensibilities for creating pop, house hybrids. After touring with Troye Sivan in 2016, Astrid began working on her new EP Party’s Over, which came out last week.

Paste spoke with Astrid S about the differences between fashion in the US and Norway, her style icons and the color orange.


Paste: Can you tell me a little bit about your style icons?

Astrid: Usually I just like different outfits that different people wear, and I rarely have one specific style icon. But lately I’ve been digging Sofia Richie’s style, and I like to scroll through her Instagram to get inspiration.

Paste: When you’re approaching visuals for the music you make (music videos, photo shoots, etc.) how do you go about tying things back to the music?

Astrid: I think it’s important to have a good dialogue with the photographer, director or anyone you work with. You are the only person who knows what you’re comfortable with, and you have to communicate that in the best way possible—which is a lot harder than you would think! If I send a reference, what I see could be the colors and grading, but the other person sees the pose and clothes, when maybe in the beginning I didn’t even like the clothes in that picture. Because everything I do is 100% me, I think it will always tie together in the end.

Paste: How do you dress on stage versus your day-to-day life?

Astrid: I think I dress pretty similar. I wear laid back, comfortable clothes on stage, and sneakers… which is what I like to wear on a daily bases. But it’s fun to explore and be bold once in awhile.

Paste: Were you always into fashion or is it more of a recent development?

Astrid: I would definitely say that it is more of a recent development. I grew up in a very small city, so as soon as I moved to Oslo when I was 17 years old, I started wearing different clothes and exploring my style and what I felt comfortable in. Oslo is such a cool city, and a lot of the new friends I’ve made while living here have such a good taste in fashion.

Paste: What’s one of the biggest fashion mistakes you’ve made?

Astrid: I don’t think that I’ve made one, to be honest. There is no right or wrong in fashion—or music! I can’t remember wearing anything I’ve felt uncomfortable in. Of course, I can look back at old pictures and think that I wouldn’t wear the same outfit now, but at that time it felt right, and that’s what is fun with fashion! It evolves and grows with you as you get older, travel, make new friends or experience new things.

Paste: What’s your favorite thing in your closet?

Astrid: Right now, it’s a super comfortable hoodie in my favorite color—orange!

Paste: Do you think people in Norway dress differently than us in the US?

Astrid: Yes, I do. Very different! I think almost every country has its own style. But Scandinavian countries have pretty similar style. At least in the cities. It’s sporty, chic and clean.

Paste: Why do you think fashion is important in a larger cultural sense?

Astrid: It’s important because fashion and style is a big part of someone’s identity, just like your nationality is important to who you are. And fashion can reflect upon that. It’s nice to show everyone that you are proud of your culture or where you’re from. Fashion can bring people together and give people a better understanding of cultures and nationalities. It can be a way of expressing yourself and communication.

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