Foolproof: 11 Summer Beach Bag Must-Haves

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Foolproof: 11 Summer Beach Bag Must-Haves

So you bought your bikini or one piece and your summer itinerary is booked with days in your happy place. Your bag will be filled to the brim with a little protecting and a lot of fun (if the beach isn’t fun enough). Our foolproof checklist will help streamline your beach days and ensure it’s a day of pure bliss. Cue the sun.

1. Beach Bag

Beach-Bag-1.jpgStripes Rope Beach Bag, $29.99, by Target

With all the things you need to tote to the beach, a stylish straw bag that is big enough to bring all that you need is numero uno on your must-have list. Also, you won’t care if it gets wet, and you’ll leave the excess sand where it belongs.

2. Sunnies

Beach-Bag-2.jpgThe Artist Sunglasses, $29.95, by Privé Revaux

We know we all need to protect our bodies with sunscreen, but what’s just as important is protecting our eyes. Rest your eyes from constant squinting from the sun with a pair of chic sunglasses that have solid UV protection.

3. Sandals

Beach-Bag-3.jpgLanea Thong, $70, by Rockport

You need a pair that are cute, chic and easy on and off for running to and from the bathroom. The same pair should be appropriate for potentially hitting the town for a bite to eat after soaking up the sun. These Rockport sandals are perfect for both.

4. Waterproof Speaker

Beach-Bag-4.jpgMini H20 Waterproof Speaker, $29.99, by Aztec

We should never bring nice electronics to the beach incase they get ruined by the elements. This waterproof speaker is durable for the sand and can be throw into the water (and floats) without a problem. Music always makes the beach a happier place, just as long as we’re not disturbing our neighbors.

5. Waterproof Phone Case

Beach-Bag-5.jpgSummertime Waterproof Phone Case, $9.99, by Wemco

It’s impossible to leave our phones at home while hitting the beach, so be sure to protect it. This waterproof case is perfect for a beach day and also doubles as a pouch to throw in your cash if you ever leave your towel unattended.

6. SPF Lip Balm

Beach-Bag-6.jpgSun Bum SPF Coconut Lip Balm, $3.99, by Sun Bum

It’s never fun to wake up the next morning after a day at the beach then realize our lips are painfully burnt. It’s one of the easiest parts of our body we forget to protect in the sun, so be sure to grab a couple of these to protect your pout.

7. Inflatable Drink Holder

Beach-Bag-drink.jpgRainbow Unicorn Inflatable Drink Holder, $24, by Revolve

This cute accessory will have all your girls asking where you got it from (and the guys will be jelly they don’t have one of their own). Affordable enough to grab a couple for the rest of your crew, this is perfect for resting your drink of choice as you float alongside it in the ocean or great for protecting it from getting sandy on the beach.

8. Beach Towel

Beach-Bag-8.jpgTropical Leaf Print Round Beach Towel, $30, by Boohoo

Ever get out of the water and can’t find your towel? We hate that, too. Grab a circle towel that has a bold pattern that will stand out among the rest. You’ll never go searching again!

9. Sunhat

Beach-Bag-9.jpgDay to Daylight Sunhat, $36.99, by Modcloth

Sure, reapplying SPF frequently is great, but a large floppy hat does the trick to avoid your nose from getting red. Grab this wide brim hat that will cover your head and then some.

10. Beach Sarong

Beach-Bag-10.jpgMulti Way Beach Sarong, $14.99, by Boohoo

Pretty and functional, a sarong is perfect to cover up to when jetting to the bathroom or running to grab a popsicle from the ice cream truck. Don’t bother throwing on your entire outfit back on for a quick jaunt away from the sand.

11. Float

Beach-Bag-11.jpgMermaid Tail Float, $50, by Boohoo

You’re in your happy place, and nothing should be stressing you out—listening to the waves crashing down, a cool breeze and you’re floating in your mermaid tail. You can’t tell us anything is better than this.

Merideth Morgan is a stylist and writer based in New York.

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