6 Etsy Alternatives to Satisfy Your Indie Artist Cravings

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Etsy’s been getting quite a bit of flack since they announced their plan to go public earlier this month. Critics are saying that the online marketplace is losing its arts and craftsy feel; that Etsy itself is becoming a brand name and taking focus away from the individual artisans who are hawking their wares. And one of the most common critiques is that there is just too much low quality stuff to sort through. While there are many incredible artists selling their work, there are also people selling knock-offs, faux vintage goods, and to put it bluntly, crap. Instead of a curated crafts fair, Etsy has become an overrun flea market or one giant, worldwide garage sale.

Luckily, Etsy isn’t the only online marketplace for artists to sell their work. There are a number of sites that are juried and curated, ensuring that they don’t become overcrowded and that everything available is of the highest quality. All six of these sites are open for submissions, so throw your work into the mix and see if you can make it big!

6. 1 ofa 100

In order to keep things fresh, this Switzerland-based site allows artists to sell only 100 of their goods. All products are featured on the site’s front page for up to 3 months (or less if they sell out before then). Most products do ship to the United States, but because some of the site’s content is in German, look for “Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika” when choosing your location at checkout.

5. DENY Designs

Specializing in home decor, DENY Designs uses prints and photographs submitted by artists to manufacture things like clocks, rugs, bedspreads, pillows, mirrors, mugs and more. The site has a roster of more than 170 artists and 9,000+ available designs.

4. Shoppe by Scoutmob

Shoppe is an online marketplace that highlights unique goods made by indie artists and designers from all over the country. Artists either have to apply or get recruited to sell their merch, and even though the selection is extensive, each piece deserves to be included.

3. Bezar

A new endeavor from Fab co-founder Bradford Shellhammer, Bezar runs 4 daily pop up shops, showcasing a curated selection of artists and designers. Each piece falls under either Art, Jewelry, House, or Accessories, is included in their daily newsletter, and remains on the site for at least 3 days. Fab also allows artist submissions.

2. Threadless

Funky t-shirt hub, Threadless, has been selling a curated selection of unique designs since 2000. Submitted designs are judged by a jury of your peers based on a star rating system. The most popular designs get printed on t-shirts, hoodies, phone cases and as wall art.

1. UncommonGoods

Focusing on sustainability, social responsibility, and environmentally friendly products, UncommonGoods allows designers and artists to submit their work for the company’s buyers’ discerning eyes. Products are then voted on by the community who ultimately decides whether or not they will be sold online. The site offers a wide selection of art, home goods, accessories, and an assortment of other fun goodies.

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