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When we think of fashion the first thought that probably comes to mind is some of our favorite brands. Some are ones that we love to wear and other are those we dream about wearing. Some are what we plan on purchasing next and others are what we see on the runway and dream of wearing if just for fun. From the everyday to the special event, fashion is constantly contemplated. One part that might not be as thought about, but is definitely deemed worthy of time, is fashion illustration. Fashion illustration is the creation of new couture but without needing to focus on the buttons and zippers. As Megan Hess states, fashion illustration only has limits of the human imagination. Here are some fabulous and fun fashion illustrators to follow on Instagram.

1. Megan Hess

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Hess is a fashion artist who has worked for a variety of fashion houses including Dior, Fendi and Prada, fashion magazines such as Vanity Fair and Vogue, and has worked for companies including Tiffany & Co., Cartier and Disney. Her art style is filled with ink drawings and bold patterns yet can be considered simple and elegant. From portraits to accessories to window design, Hess’ work can be found around the world.

2. Kerri Hess

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Hess is a fashion and has worked for a variety of clients including Kate Spade New York, Harper’s Bazaar, Ellie Saab, Maison Laduree, Swarovski and Barbie. Her work is very painterly with beautiful long brushstrokes and eye-catching simplicity.

3. Clym Evernden

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Evernden is an ink-based artist and art director who has worked for companies like Samsung and Louis Vuitton besides creating set designs for Tiffany & Co. and The New York City Ballet. His work on Instagram is always creative and fun to see, especially the “folded stories” which evolves as the paper unfolds.

4. Jennifer Valez of Sophie & Lili

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Valez’s work harkens to children’s story books in a sophisticated fashion manner. The simplicity of the drawings and the immense details in the designs work really well together to create a really unique brand.

5. Limzy Lim

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Lim Zhi Wei, or Limzy for short, combines fashion and everyday objects to create her own unique fashion illustrations. The items, such as flowers, she uses are really well decided and placed which creates a dreamy art piece.

6. Loretta So

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So’s illustrations combine fashion and pop culture. Some of the pop culture she draws inspiration from include Game of Thrones, Final Fantasy, Disney and Sailor Moon. By combining the two, So has created a whimsical world for some of the stories we love.

7. Nerea Mas

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Mas is a Spanish illustrator, character designer and concept artist who studied fashion design in Spain. With studying and working with both, it results in some really wonderful characters and some awesome outfits. She is also working on a collection featuring women from around the world and it can be found on her Instagram.

8. Aditi Dokania

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Dokania of the Painted Shoe also has inspirations from fashion to pop culture. Her sweet designs include not only inspiration from Chanel, but from movies like Harry Potter and Breakfast at Tiffany’s or the Disney Princesses. Whether her artwork is found in the streets on phone cases or cut out and placed among the buildings there, Dokania’s work is definitely for the fashion follower.

Marena Galluccio is a freelance writer based in Athens, Georgia who can be found writing creative work and planning her next trip to Walt Disney World. You can find more of her writing at here.

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