How to Make Living in an Apartment with a Dog Easier

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There are tomes full of small-space hacks for humans dwelling in minuscule apartments, but things get complicated once there’s a dog involved. Keep all your roommates happy with these smart design hacks.

1. Choose Spot-Cleaning Friendly Fabrics

FABRIC.jpgPhoto via

It sounds like a no-brainer but perhaps it’s time to break it off with your velvet Louis XV-style couch. It’ll save you lots of grief. (That goes for silk, chenille and tweed, too.)

2. Get it Right, Tight with a Kibble Container

PIZZA.jpgPhoto via

Leftover pizza has no chance around your pup, but a Costco-size bag of dry dog food needs to stick around for longer. Corral kibble in an airtight container to deter rodents and keep the apartment from smelling like a dog food factory. We dig Gamma Vittles Vault Stackable Pet Storage Containers via Bed Bath & Beyond, $23.

3. Lucite Furniture is Your Chic BFF


Dog slobber accumulates quickly and can be quite obvious on wood and wood-like materials. But a little slobber (or accumulated fur) on Lucite furniture is easily wiped away with glass cleaner.

4. Invest in a Catchall Feeder
Feeder with Dog.jpgPhoto via Neater Pets Feeder

Sharing kitchen counters with roommates is rough. Sharing your kitchen floor with a dog during feeding time gets slimy. Make it a bit easier (and cleaner) on yourself with a bowl that has a built-in catch for water and food. We like The Neater Feeder.

6. Keep a Supply of Puppy Pads on Hand

PUPPPY.jpgPhoto via

Accidents (and idiots) happen, like when you get a call from your boss on the opposite coast at 5:55 p.m. It’s never a bad idea to stock up on puppy pads.

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