The 10 Best Style Icons From 90s Movies

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It is truly difficult to narrow down the ultimate 90s style icons when there are so many to choose from, especially when just one iconic movie of the decade (hello, Clueless) can hold so many tubular trends. Fortunately, fashion is cyclical, and the 90s are back and bigger than ever, meaning no matter which movie you choose to emulate, you’re right on trend.

Get inspired by these classic looks from 90s films and bask in the glory of a bygone era full of wonders like Lisa Frank and butterfly clips. If you’ve had trouble finding a crop top or a matte lipstick in the past couple of years, your search is finally over.

10. Cher Horowitz: Plucky Plaid Princess
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After the release of Clueless in 1995, Cher Horowitz, the popular girl with a heart of gold and impeccable taste in fur pom poms, rocketed to 90s fashion icon status. Her virtues were many: her flawless hair, her matching plaid outfits, her love of makeovers and her efforts to save Pismo Beach ( just to name a few). Cher never trusted mirrors, relying on her rotating closet, Polaroids and her snazzy computer program to pick out her outfits on a daily basis. (Why this awesome technology is still not readily available, I don’t know.) Although she loves matching her BFF, and waxing philosophical while chewing on fuzzy pens, above all else, Cher reps Beverly Hills with her barely there designer plaid minis and killer knee socks.

For a Cher approved outfit of your own check out this plaid mini from Forever21 and pair it with some white knee socks for maximum Cher style.

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9. Dionne: Eons of Neon Empress
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Dionne Davenport, the yin to Cher’s yang, is a risk taker for sure. Whether it’s her neon extensions, crochet beanies, or plastic hats that smack of Dr. Suess’ The Cat in the Hat, this girl has it going on. D appreciates loud neon colors, and this should come as no surprise, once you consider how much she also enjoys yelling loudly at her boy toy Murray.

If you are ever in a rut and looking to spice up your wardrobe, try channeling this 90s diva, and throw on your best neon crop top. GoJane and NastyGal:

Photo via GoJane

8. Tai Fraiser: Overall Achiever
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Tai is the newbie of Bronson Alcott High, and is taken under the wing of Cher and D as a makeover project. Tai is funkier, less polished, and much more erhm, herbally inspired than the other girls in Beverly Hills, and before Cher washes all of the Kool-Aid out of her hair, she seems to be comfortable in her own skin. Like all makeover stories, Tai’s change of style changes her whole persona, and she gets a little mean (especially about virgins who can’t drive), and allows the power of becoming popular go to her head. Luckily, in the end, we get to see her original funky style come back.

Pair Urban Outfitters printed overalls, with your favorite Lisa Frank accessories in order to take tips from Tai.

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7. Corey Mason: Crop Top Connoisseur
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Corey Mason, a cashier at Empire Records, has a couple of favorite things: Doc Martens, short plaid schoolgirl skirts, crop top sweaters, and dancing. Mason’s style essentials come together for the perfect 90s outfit, especially because one of the most pivotal items of the decade has once again reared its head: the furry crop top. This staple item of the 90s looks absolutely fabulous when paired with the ever-so-versatile plaid skirt that Corey also digs so much. Wear them together or separate, with boots, knee socks,or t-shirts.

Get your furry crop top sweater at NastyGal and pair it with their great plaid skirt.

Photo via NastyGal

6. Kathryn Merteiul: Sultry Satin Seductress
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Cruel Intentions holds seminal roles in both 90s fashion and the darker cinematic leanings of the era. Kathryn Mertuiul is a conniving and menacing young woman who is determined to get what she wants, and doesn’t care who she hurts on the way. While she isn’t the nicest girl we’ve seen on the big screen, she is always dressed to kill. Kat wears corseted numbers with plunging necklines and sleek blazers, showing off her best assets and dominating the high-class society of Manhattan in her wicked, wicked way.

To get her look, put a twist on a corseted dress and add charming accessories that double as storage space.

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5. Nancy Downs: Gothic Guru
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Dark lips and eyes are demanding attention right now. Sound familiar? It should. Everyone’s favorite 90s Goth, Nancy Downs, rocked insanely dark, matte lips and heavily lined eyes in the witch flick The Craft long before they appeared on millennial runways. (She also tortured her fellow students, was struck by lightning and then ended up in a psych ward, but I digress.)

Channel your inner Nancy by wearing your favorite purple lipstick with a spiked choker. Don’t be afraid to embrace the dark side.

Photo via Mac

4. Lelaina Pierce: Floral Frock Femme
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Lelaina is an aspiring videographer documenting the lives of herself and her friends throughout the film Reality Bites. Along with vintage Ethan Hawke and Winona Ryder (sigh) we also get a heaping amount of really great outfits and trends. Maxi dresses, mod floral printed frocks, and vests all make an appearance, and we couldn’t be more excited.

Grab an Urban Outfitters floral emblazoned dress, cut your hair like Lelaina and take a break from reality.

Photo via Urban Outfitters

3. The Lisbon Sisters: Maxi Dress Masters
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Picking just one Lisbon sister is just not possible. In The Virgin Suicides all five mysterious yet beautiful girls have a strange but alluring style, regardless of their overbearing parents. The mystery of the Lisbons fascinates a whole town, and for good reason. The sisters are beautiful but just slightly out of reach, and their angelic frocks, flowing dresses and pastel hues command attention on and off screen.

Check out a gauzy cream maxi dress by Free People to get in touch with your inner Lux Lisbon.

Photo via Free People

2. Alabama Worley: Bustier Babe
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Alabama Worley is one of the best style icons of the 90’s. Her fearless sexy style shines throughout True Romance and all eyes are on her, (and we have pouty Christian Slater to look at). Her love for bustiers, high waisted bottoms and animal print will make anyone long for the California sunshine and try to attempt their own version of her adventurous style.

Put on your best cheetah pants and on that pout, Lady Danger by MAC is a must.

Photo via Pac Sun

1. Bianca Stratford: Chic Chick
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Bianca Stratford embodies the 90s teen queen in 10 Things I Hate About You. While she can be a little dense, (“You can be overwhelmed, and underwhelmed, but can you ever just be whelmed?”) her style is sharp and consists of classic sundresses and cardigans paired with pearls and more trendy accessories, like her mini Prada backpack. Bianca’s style drives home her girly innocence, and makes her the envy of every teen girl at Padua High (except, of course, Kat Stratford).

For a take of your own on this conceited cutie check out this blush satin number that screams “Prom 1999” from Topshop.

Photo via Topshop

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