Embracing Minimalism in Three Easy Steps

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Embracing Minimalism in Three Easy Steps

Minimalism is everywhere. From the Netflix documentary, The Minimalist, depicting the lifestyle movement of two men who chose to do more with their lives by having less, to the simple décor trend of removing clutter from your home. However, removing those objects and items from your life is often easier said than done. Why not focus on simplifying your life in order to make room for more creativity and personal exploration with these three simple suggestions.

1. Minimalism can be different for everybody.


For some, it can be the extreme act of reducing your personal belongings to only the essentials. But for others, by simply creating more space in your life can help open your mind. If you are the latter, instead of ridding all of your knick-knacks and sentimental items on the first day in a giant purge; focus on organizing your belongings. By creating a space where every item has a home, paring down on material goods and removing the clutter from surfaces, you are allowing more room for personal exploration.

2. Reduce the amount of new things you bring into your space.


Change your consumer mindset to think of what you need, instead of what you want. Be creative and try up cycling items from friends, family or consignment stores to in and effort to reduce waste. Or, consider what you can borrow instead of buy. The trick is to be thoughtful with how you spend your money. You’ve worked hard to earn it, you may as well ensure that every dollar is spent in ways that bring you joy.

3. Create time every week to clean or sort items.


This could be as little as 15 minute a week or part of your daily routine. Set time aside to transform this project into a habit and help you maintain your new outlook on life. It is important to continually reevaluate your space and how it works for you or to develop new ways to redesign your space in a more efficient way.

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