ISIS-Destroyed Arch of Triumph in Syrian City Rebuilt Using 3D Scans

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3D printing has just become a new tool for artistic and cultural preservation.

After 10 months of violent and destructive occupation by ISIS, the Syrian city of Paylmara was liberated. Unfortunately, the militant group, which first occupied the region back in May of 2015, destroyed many of the irreplaceable treasures the ancient city harbored. Despite experts citing that 80 percent of the artifacts in Palmyra were left intact, many of its largest and most famous were not. That includes the Arch of Triumph, the Baalshamin Temple, and the Temple of Bel.

However, the terrorist organization’s destruction may be rectified in a small way thanks to 3D printing technology. In order to build the life-size replica, archaeologists used a scheme called Million Images Database, according to the BBC. The project, which was run by the Institute of Digital Archaeology, saw local volunteers used 3D cameras to capture accurate digital models of several structures. Using those 3D scans, the team was able to generate a replica of Paylmara’s Arch of Triumph structure in London’s Trafalgar Square.

Plans are to move the structure from New York to Dubai in the upcoming months. Sometime next year it will make it its true resting place in Palmyra.

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