All About Beer Magazine to Return After Several Years of Absence

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All About Beer Magazine to Return After Several Years of Absence

Older beer geeks—or at least ones old enough to remember beer coverage as it existed in the 1990s and 2000s—will likely be delighted to hear today’s news that the influential All About Beer is set to rise from its grave after a long period in which it was defunct. The classic beer magazine has new ownership, in the form of former writer Andy Crouch and former editor John Holl, two beer writers well known to any occasional lurker in the realm of Beer Twitter. Together, they intend to revamp and revitalize the All About Beer brand, with Crouch as publisher and Holl resuming his former post as the publication’s editor. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this iteration of All About Beer will live exclusively on the web, rather than as a physical magazine.

The original All About Beer was founded in 1979 and played host to some of the early American beer scene’s most influential writing, including the column of English beer legend Michael Jackson, who wrote “Jackson’s Journal” for All About Beer for 23 years, until his death in 2007. In 1992, the publication was purchased by Daniel Bradford and Julie Johnson, who expanded the company into sponsoring beer events and began All About Beer’s first web presence. Bradford and Johnson eventually sold the company in 2014, and its fortunes declined quickly afterward. The magazine ceased physical production, and in 2017 All About Beer absorbed competing publication Draft Magazine, ending its physical publication as well. All About Beer would eventually file for bankruptcy in 2019, following which control of the brand eventually was regained by Bradford and Johnson. In early 2022, they sold that brand and its content archive to Crouch and Holl, who will carry All About Beer into the future.

“We are committed to providing the coverage that has long been the calling card of the brand, we plan to offer engaging and in-depth articles, interviews, and podcasts covering every aspect of brewing, from the process and ingredients to styles, trends, recipes, business, and the social pleasures of drinking,” wrote Crouch in the announcement of the new All About Beer. “We intend to continue its tradition of hosting the finest writers, reviewers, and journalists covering beer today, while also expanding the roster to include new, diverse voices, to help us bring these stories to you.”

One can assume the new All About Beer will take some cues from Crouch and Holl’s already launched venture Beer Edge, a media hub that already hosts several beer podcasts. Meanwhile, the original All About Beer social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook, etc. are all active once again, and there’s also a Patreon where fans will be able to support the new version of the publication directly. We wish the new All About Beer luck as they cover the craft beer world of 2022 and beyond.

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