R&B Brewing’s Mount Pleasant Series Gose

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R&B Brewing’s Mount Pleasant Series Gose

A few weeks ago, I housesat for some friends that were going on vacation in Canada. In addition to lending me their house (thanks guys!), they also brought me back a handful of beers from some of the breweries they visited. One of those beers was R&B Brewing’s Mount Pleasant Series gose.

From its label: “Brewed with pilsner malt and wheat and dry-hopped with Cashmere.Tartness and bready malt flavors combine with citrus and fruity hop aroma. The lower ABV, light body and carbonation and light salt additions make this beer refreshing and sessional.”

I’ve made no secret about how much I love that breweries have started making more goses. They’re delicious, and can satisfy my hankering for a sour without an ABV that means I can only have one.

This gose was a bit different than what I’ve typically had in the states. It was tart and salty, but they’re also not lying in that description when they describe the beer as “bready.” It most certainly is.


The bready pilsner malt flavors really shine through with this one, as do the Cashmere hops, which I can’t say I’ve had much of over the years. The lack of Cashmere in my daily life made it stand out in this particular beer as something a little unique as well. The hop strain has an aroma of coconut, tangerine, and peach. It’s an interesting choice for this particular beer, but a pleasant one.

Brewery: R&B Brewing
City: Vancouver, B.C
Style: Gose
AVB: 4.8%

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