Elijah Craig Bourbon Seeks to Raise $100,000 For Hospitality Workers During First “Old Fashioned Week”

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Elijah Craig Bourbon Seeks to Raise $100,000 For Hospitality Workers During First “Old Fashioned Week”

The COVID-19 pandemic has of course been challenging to nearly every industry, but hospitality workers have especially found themselves on the front lines. Some have been put out of work entirely—unlucky bartenders, wait staff and others whose venues have never reopened, depending on location. Other restaurants and bars cut their staffing numbers during the crisis. Still others have been able to get back to work, but the very nature of their work puts them at high levels of risk—but they do it anyway to provide us with food, drink and entertainment. Clearly, these people deserve a helping hand, and Heaven Hill intends to give it to them.

The distillery and owner of the Elijah Craig Bourbon brand is hosting its first ever “Old Fashioned Week” right now, with the goal of raising up to $100,000 for the Restaurant Workers’ Community Foundation. The week takes the form of a number of daily events happening at OldFashionedWeek.com, where visitors can participate in live, virtual cocktail workshops, raise a glass and also donate to the RWCF for hospitality workers.

Tonight, Oct. 21, 2020, will see an event from Chef Richard Blais, titled “Old Fashioned Cocktail Hour.” Starting at 8 p.m. EST, Blais will “take you through a night of discovering the greatness within the hospitality community as he shares recipes, tips and tricks, and Q & A sessions with special guests.” You can tune it at the link above, or you can also just donate directly. Funds raised by the RWCF “will go toward direct financial assistance, grants to non-profit partners working to address the needs of restaurant workers during this crisis, and to a zero-interest loan program for small businesses starting back up.”

And if you just want to make yourself an old fashioned NOW, and can’t wait for the workshop this evening, you can also check out the below video from Elijah Craig’s YouTube page, which details the making of a classic Old Fashioned.

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