8 of the Best Cartoon Pizzas Ranked

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8 of the Best Cartoon Pizzas Ranked

No matter the cartoon series, there’s one thing the characters in just about every animated show of your childhood had in common — they ate pizza.

Even Garfield occasionally cheated on his strict diet of lasagna to indulge in a slice, and The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles had such a strong pizza addiction, their nemesis would use it as leverage.

That being said, not all cartoon pizza renditions were created equal. Here’s a look at the top 8 cartoon pizzas of your childhood, in order of how delicious they looked.

8. Scooby-Doo

We’ve all got that one friend we can count on to encourage our bad decisions when it comes to greasy food. Shaggy and Scooby-Doo are perhaps the best cartoon depiction of that relationship. Even though their pizzas looked like they were lacking a bit in the cheese department, their pizza eating track record earns them a spot on the list. In one episode, the duo downs two full pizzas and takes a third to go, which Shaggy then spins on his finger and Scooby eats as it comes to him. Teamwork at it’s finest.

7. Garfield and Friends

When you picture Garfield, you likely think of him downing tray after tray of lasagna. But on occasion, Garfield varied up his diet to make room in his life for another cheesy concoction: pizza. In one memorable episode, Garfield takes advantage of a pizza delivery promise of being free if it’s not delivered in 30 minutes or less. Respect is due for the amount of toppings featured on each pie, and how hot and fresh it looks as it’s being glommed down.

6. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Pizza is synonymous with the ninja turtles — just about every episode featured this dish in some capacity, whether being used by their arch enemy, Shredder, to lure the turtles in under a guise of a free pizza contest, or when the Killer Pizzas attack the city. Of course, the turtle pizza palette is a bit different. The turtles ordered some of the wackiest combos ever — from peanut butter and clam to jelly bean and sausage. Their pizza gets props for creativity though.

5. Daria

Watching the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Daria as a kid solidified my belief that being a teenager basically meant eating a lot of pizza with your friends. Every episode of Daria happens at Pizza King in the fictional town of Lawndale, where Daria and her BFF Jane dish on the issues of the day over slices. As Daria bluntly put it, “There is no aspect, no facet, no moment of life that can’t be improved with pizza.” As such, the signature pepperoni slices from Pizza King earn a spot at number 5.

4. Rocko’s Modern Life

Unfortunate circumstances followed Rocko around like a cloud of bad luck — and having to find a way to pay off the intimidating pizza man from Pizzaface Palace after his bill gets out of hand was no exception. But can you really blame him for not being able to resist a pizza that looks like it’s made out of 90 percent cheese?

3. Doug

Lots of pizza was consumed by Doug Funnie and his friends — particularly by Porkchop, who always seemed to find a way to swipe the last slice while Doug was journaling away late into the evening. But the most memorable pizza had to be the one that Doug and his crush Patti Mayonnaise made together as part of a school project. In what turns out to be a happy accident, banana pudding collides with their pizza, and apparently it comes out pretty delicious. Full disclosure: I tried dipping a banana into a can of tomato sauce after watching this episode as a kid. I think we can all agree that any cartoon that can convince you that pizza and bananas are a good combination deserves recognition.

2. The Goofy Movie

Just like how some of the best real life pizza is usually found under the radar, The Goofy Movie was one of those films that either marked your childhood — or that you missed out on entirely. Goofy plays a well meaning single dad to teenaged son Max, and they embark on a bro trip with Max’s quirky friends. Which obviously involved eating lots of pizza. What got me about this pizza was how perfectly cheesy and drippy it was. It’s the kind of pizza that only exists in dreams — and in cartoons.

1. All Dogs Go to Heaven

If there’s pizza in heaven, it probably looks like this slice from All Dogs Go To Heaven. As if a movie about singing dogs couldn’t get any better, the film throws in a gratuitous scene of a pizza party, where hero Charlie B. Barkin balances the pies on his head and delivers the goods to his dog pals. Which makes you crave pizza and want to hug your pet at the same time.

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