Chipotle Is Expanding Into The Burger Industry

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Chipotle Mexican Grill is still struggling with some bad press over a recent E. coli outbreak and sick customers, but that apparently won’t stop it from expanding into another branch of the “fast casual” food industry.

The chain, known for its giant burritos and Mexican “bowls,” is adding burgers to its menu. The company confirmed that it had applied for the trademark for “Better Burger” on Wednesday. Whether that means burgers literally available at Chipotle locations or the creation of a new chain, it’s hard to tell.

The Mexican grill already owns two other chains, Southeast Asia-inspired ShopHouse and Pizzeria Locale. So although burgers and burritos may not sound like the Chipotle brand, it’s clear they know how to survive outside of the burrito ring. But can it keep up with industry giants like McDonald’s, which owns more than a third of a $73 billion dollar market?

It can’t hurt to try. Especially considering how few people are taking up that “free burrito” offer.

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