How To Survive Today’s Burritoless Chipo-calypse

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We know the feeling all too well. You’re sitting back in your chair at the office, getting a start on the week’s work (but mostly just reading Paste and maybe Reddit), and thinking forward to lunch break. You can already visualize it: you’re going to grab your usual, a nice fat juicy chicken burrito from Chipotle. How wonderfu-

Wait. Chipotle is closed? CHIPOTLE IS CLOSED?!

You’re on the verge of nuclear meltdown. CHIPOTLE CAN’T BE CLOSED!!!!! Well, unfortunately, it is. A bunch of of people got E. coli and now Chipotle is closed to make sure it doesn’t happen again anytime in the immediate future. Also, to make sure we all know they take E. coli seriously. Publicity is everything.

But that doesn’t solve your problem … what the hell are you going to do for lunch?

Well, a number of other Mexican restaurant chains are trying to be your rebound date today. Here are some of the options:

– Freshii isn’t even attempting to hide their intentions: flaunting #Chipotfrii, the Toronto-based chain is offering a 50% discount on its Mexican-inspired food items at all of its American franchises. “Like millions of other people, we at Freshii are big fans of Chipotle,” Freshii founder and CEO Matthew Corrin said in a statement. “Founded almost three decades ago, Chipotle has been a pioneer of fast-casual food. We figured the least we would do was look after their customers while Chipotle pauses to recalibrate.”

– On The Border is unveiling the new to-go option for their burrito boxes, and just for today, the chain is offering them for $5 (chicken, mushroom) or $6 (beef, shrimp). Says Ashley Zickefoose, CMO for On The Border: “With Chipotle taking some time off on Feb. 8, we want everyone to still get their burrito fix and try the best-kept burrito secret in town.”

– Moe’s Southwestern Grill announces, in massive letters on their homepage: “WE’RE OPEN TODAY: Click here for a special deal.” The deal turns out to be a coupon for buy-one-get-one-free burritos. You need to show the coupon at your local Moe’s to get the deal.

– Qdoba is…umm…actually, they don’t seem to be doing anything special. Taking the “high road,” maybe? Seems like a real missed opportunity.

If you’re not willing to compromise on your Chipotle, you can always just wait until 3:00 p.m. local time, which is when all Chipotles will reopen.

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