A Woman is Demanding a Lifetime Supply of Kit Kats Via Lawsuit

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Chocolate lover Saima Ahmad, a 20-year-old student at Kings College, London, is demanding a lifetime of Kit Kats after biting into a Kit Kat filled with disappointment.

Ahmad purchased a £2 Kit Kats multipack that contained three individual packets of Kit Kats without the wafers inside. Instead of feeling like a lottery winner, and starting a bidding war on Ebay, Ahmad decided to write Nestle a stern letter demanding Nestle supply her with a lifetime supply of Kit Kats, or she will file a lawsuit.

Using precedent from a 1930 case, Ahmad said in her letter, “I’m hoping they will apologise to me and in the future focus more on the quality of their product.” She later explains that the lifetime supply of Kit Kats will allow her to act as a quality control for Nestle.

Ahmad is hoping that Nestle responds quickly due to her claimed significant emotional and monetary loss. It’s a little hard to tell whether she’s joking or not.

Her letter also stated, “If I wanted pure chocolate, I would have bought a bar of Galaxy,” a battle cry for First World problems if we’ve ever heard one.

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