McDonald’s is Now Selling Ice Cream Tacos, But Only in Italy

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Look, it’s not that we expect McDonald’s to do better than this—it’s just that we can’t help but hope they will.

According to BrandEating, Italian McDonald’s locations have been serving the “Pocket Sundae” since this summer.

The Pocket Sundae is, according to the Google translation of its its page on the Italian McDonald’s site, a waffle-like shell with soft-serve ice cream in it that’s been topped with chocolate syrup and hazelnuts.

The little taco contains 331 calories and one-third of your daily sugar, which honestly doesn’t seem that bad, considering it’s just ice cream and chocolate in a waffle.

There’s no word on whether the Pocket Sundae will cross the Atlantic and be added to American menus, so for now, we’ll just have to be content with our ice cream ramen.

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