Recipes to Utilize Your Spring Produce

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Recipes to Utilize Your Spring Produce

It’s finally, finally spring. After a long winter, there’s nothing more enjoyable than putting away your heavy coats, feeling the sun on your face during the first warm day of the season and snacking on the freshest seasonal produce. If you live in North America and try to eat seasonally, you’ve probably had a lot of root vegetables for the last few months. Now, it’s time to branch out and enjoy all the fresh green produce that spring has to offer.

These recipes feature some of the most common springtime produce you might encounter at your local farmer’s market, depending on where you live. Give them a try if you want to expand your spring recipe repertoire.

Asparagus: Stir-Fried Spicy Asparagus from NYT Cooking

Asparagus has never tasted better than it does in this recipe from NYT Cooking. The delicate, floral flavors of the asparagus are perfectly complemented by the serrano chile and grated ginger, which give the otherwise mild spring vegetable a burst of heat and flavor. Make sure you find young, thin stalks of asparagus to really capture that fresh spring note you’re going for.

Peas: Morels with Mint, Peas and Shallot from Saveur

Sure, you can eat peas year-round if you want to grab the frozen stuff, which I certainly don’t discourage. But during the spring, you have access to fresh peas, which taste even greener and more tender than their frozen counterparts. That’s why I love this Saveur recipe for morels with mint, peas and shallot. The fresh peas really shine here, especially when contrasted with the earthiness of the morels, another springtime delicacy.

Fiddleheads: Sautéed Fiddleheads with Garlic Lemon Butter from It’s a Veg World After All

Sometimes, you just have to keep it simple and let your spring produce shine, which is why this recipe for sautéed fiddleheads with garlic lemon butter from It’s a Veg World After All is such a showstopper. Fiddleheads can be found only during the spring in New England and in parts of Canada, so you should definitely take advantage of them if you can manage to get your hands on some. The garlic lemon butter only enhances the fresh flavor of the veg.

Celery: Celery Salad with Apples from A Couple Cooks

Celery deserves better press: Not only is it fresh, crunchy and refreshing, but it also tends to be pretty affordable, especially during the spring months—you just have to know how to prepare it well. If you’ve never been a fan of celery before, I beg you to try this celery salad recipe from A Couple Cooks, which offers unlimited crunchiness and a deliciously savory flavor profile enhanced by the subtle sweetness of the apple.

Mushrooms: Enoki Mushrooms with Garlic and Scallion Sauce from The Woks of Life

Enoki mushrooms are one of my all-time favorite foods, which is why I’m such a huge fan of this recipe from The Woks of Life. Honestly, if you add anything to garlic and scallion sauce, it’s going to be delicious, but it works especially well with texturally rich enoki mushrooms. This is a perfect dinner party side dish, but honestly, I’d eat it on its own with some rice as well.

Lettuce: Fresh Veggie Lettuce Wraps from Live Eat Learn

After a long winter, there’s nothing better than a heap of super-fresh veggies. Even if you’re not usually a salad person, this recipe for fresh veggie lettuce wraps from Live Eat Learn is bound to hit the spot. Of course, you can follow this recipe exactly, but you can also get creative and just use up whatever veggies you already have in the fridge. Just make sure that lettuce is nice and crisp for best results.

Swiss Chard: Pickled Chard Quinoa Bowls from Love and Lemons

Move over, kale. Swiss chard comes into season in the spring, and it’s a green you have to get your hands on. It’s delicious in all its forms, but I love it the most when it’s been pickled, like it is in this recipe for pickled chard quinoa bowls from Love and Lemons. It’s a great way to use up your chard stems, which might otherwise end up in the trash. Who doesn’t love a recipe that’s delicious and reduces food waste in the process?

Collard Greens: Collard Green Spring Rolls from Minimalist Baker

Spring is all about the greens, and chard can’t get all the attention, which is why you should try making this recipe from Minimalist Baker. These collard green spring rolls are healthy and refreshing on those first warm days of spring. Pair them with the sunflower dipping sauce also included in the recipe if you’re looking for a richer, earthier flavor.

Radishes: Spring Radish Salad from 12 Tomatoes

This spring radish salad recipe from 12 Tomatoes is about as simple as a salad recipe can get, but you don’t need to overcomplicate things when you’re working with crunchy, peppery radishes. All you need are some fresh radishes, parsley and a bit of lemon juice to finish it off.

Apricots: Apricot Almond Tart from Garlic & Zest

After the main course, you might want to satisfy your sweet tooth, which is where this apricot almond tart from Garlic & Zest comes in. Earthy almonds are the perfect counterpart for zingy, acidic apricots, which is why this is one of my favorite spring dessert recipes. Plus, it’s gorgeous, which makes it a solid option for when you’re hosting an early spring dinner party.

Samantha Maxwell is a food writer and editor based in Boston. Follow her on Twitter at @samseating.

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