Adam McKay Wants Christian Bale As His Dick Cheney

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Adam McKay Wants Christian Bale As His Dick Cheney

Yes, you read that correctly. Director Adam McKay (The Big Short, Talladega Nights, Anchorman) wants former Batman/newsie Christian Bale to take on the role of the 46th Vice President of the United States himself, Dick Cheney.

Per Deadline, McKay also wants Steve Carell to play Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and Amy Adams to play Lynne Cheney, Dick’s wife. This wouldn’t be the first time the director has worked with these three actors, with Bale and Carell having both starred in The Big Short (Carell also stole the shows as Brick in the Anchorman movies), and with Adams playing Ricky Bobby’s love interest in Talladega Nights.

You can see what McKay finds so fascinating about the former VP here, in our previous write-up of the still-untitled film’s announcement. To see what we thought of McKay’s previous Oscar-winning effort, you can also check out our review of The Big Short here. Be sure to check back with Paste for more on the director’s forthcoming Cheney biopic.