Darth Vader Will Return in Rogue One

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If only this news had broken on Father’s Day: Darth Vader will again make his presence felt in the now-even-more-anticipated Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

Entertainment Weekly confirms the news in their upcoming Rogue One cover story. So far, Lord Vader’s appearance is the only detail released from the Force-choke-tight lid that’s being kept on the film’s details.

According to one rumor shared by Star Wars fan site Making Star Wars, the intensely stoic villain from the original films will be replaced with a more “brutal” Darth Vader, with an action sequence involving decapitation, saber throwing and the creation of a mass human shield.

If those rumors are true, perhaps they informed Disney’s decision to order extensive re-shoots for the first “war movie” version of the film.

While we await more details, watch the Rogue One trailer below to start taking bets on where exactly Vader is off screen.

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