David Lynch Will Continue to Be Our Weatherman

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David Lynch Will Continue to Be Our Weatherman

Good news, David Lynch will continue talking about the weather!

Laura Dern fan, Twin Peaks creator and cinema’s beloved surrealist uncle David Lynch has a YouTube page where he streams benefits hosted by his eponymous foundation, shares short films and talks about the weather. The DAVID LYNCH THEATER has been a passion project for Lynch the past two years—and it’ll thankfully keep going.

Today, Lynch announced that he was considering no longer uploading his brief, two-minute forecast reports, but that due to the kindness and consistent engagement of his subscribers that he will, in fact “continue on.” Lynch signed off after wishing all of his viewers “blue skies and golden sunshine internally all along the way.” His delightful announcement exemplifies the wonder of his YouTube page:

When you scroll down the videos feature of Lynch’s page, you’ll see checkered black thumbnails and contrasting ochre-colored thumbnails in which Weatherman Lynch and Lynch the numerologist share the spotlight. Also entirely irrelevant but deeply enchanting, Lynch has a makeshift meteorologist uniform of a black button down and crisp sunglasses. It’s a small component of the weather report that remains unnamed, but it visually signals Lynch’s commitment to his soothing cause.

Lynch’s most recent mainstream effort was Twin Peaks: The Return and while the global pandemic has cast a cape of uncertainty over film and TV production, Lynch is likely to curb the hunger of his greatest admirers with these daily weather reports. Here’s wishing blue skies and golden sunshine for you all.

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