A United Kingdom Trailer Finds Love in Dark Times

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A United Kingdom Trailer Finds Love in Dark Times

A new trailer for A United Kingdom promises a star-crossed love for the ages. The film follows Seretse Khama (David Oyelowo) and Ruth Williams (Rosamund Pike) as the pair fall in love in 1948. That only scratches the surface of this complicated true story, though.

Not only is Khama black while Williams is white, Khama is also the king of Bechuanaland (modern-day Botswana), and his marriage to Williams could upset the order in that nation. The pair deal with the consequences of their love and are forced to fight against British and South African governments that work to keep them apart. 1948 was the height of apartheid, so this kind of desegregated marriage was incredibly rare, especially between such public figures.

A United Kingdom has been a passion project for Oyelowo—he reportedly convinced Pike to sign on by sending her actual photos of Williams and Khama. The two actors had previously appeared together in 2012’s Jack Reacher. Based on the first glimpse given by the trailer, the film will be a heartwarming and inspiring story about the lengths people will go to for love.

Directed by Amma Asante, whose last project was the critically acclaimed Belle, A United Kingdom is also one of the rare commercial releases that is being brought to the screen by a woman of color. Oyelowo has gone out of his way to work with women of color throughout his career. His incredibly impactful performance as Martin Luther King Jr. in Selma was directed by Ava Duvernay.

Audiences will have to wait until Nov. 25. to catch A United Kingdom in theaters, but they can watch the trailer and wonder what a relationship between Amy Dunne of Gone Girl and Martin Luther King Jr. would look like until then. Find our recent interview with Oyelowo here.

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