Watch the Star-Studded First Trailer for Murder Mystery Death on the Nile

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Watch the Star-Studded First Trailer for Murder Mystery Death on the Nile

There’s no genre that has managed to persevere quite as unchanged as “murder mystery,” is there? Mystery junkies want to know who done it, and they won’t rest until the parlor scene reveal. It was true in 2017, when Murder on the Orient Express racked up more than $350 million at the global box office, and Disney/20th Century Studios will be hoping it’s still true now in the age of pandemic, as they reveal the first trailer for follow-up film Death on the Nile.

The glitz and glamour here possesses almost a James Bond-like vibe, as this story sees master detective Hercule Poirot (and his impressive mustache) on vacation in Egypt, where he gets tangled up in a murderous love triangle. Eventually, as in Murder on the Orient Express, he ends up with an entire boat filled with suspects, and a ticking clock to solve the murder. It’s all stuff we’ve seen before, but the draw of these films are the twists and turns, and the strength of a big ensemble cast.

Death on the Nile certainly doesn’t disappoint in that department. In addition to a returning Kenneth Branagh as Poirot, you’ve also got the following: Gal Gadot, Letitia Wright, Armie Hammer, Annette Bening, Rose Leslie, Russell Brand and many more. Who among them has murder in their blood?

Death on the Nile was originally scheduled for release way back in December of 2019, before being bumped to October of 2020 before the pandemic was even looming on the horizon. Currently, it’s slated for Oct. 23, 2020—we’ll see if the constant spate of cancellations and schedule changes allows it to stick to that date. In the meantime, check out the portentous first trailer below.

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