The New Trailer for Fist Fight Looks Like It Could Be … Okay

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The New Trailer for Fist Fight Looks Like It Could Be … Okay

Why hasn’t Charlie Day been in more movies? Obviously he’s great in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and he’s in the Horrible Bosses movies, but other than that, he hasn’t really done much. He’s having his first go as a leading man in next year’s Fist Fight, which got its second trailer today.

The movie follows Day as he tries to get out of a fist fight with a fellow teacher on the last day of school and shenanigans ensue. Day seems to be playing it pretty straight here, which could be a misuse of his particularly energetic comedic talents, but maybe there’s more to his character than being the stuffy, nervous guy. Ice Cube is being tough-as-nails Ice Cube so that’s nothing really outside of his wheelhouse. Also popping up in the trailer are Tracy Morgan, in his first movie since his accident in 2014, Christina Hendricks, Kumail Nanjiani and Jillian Bell, who looks to be mostly repeating her wild-girl schtick from 22 Jump Street, but hey, she’s hilarious in that. It’s a great cast, so hopefully they pull off something representative of their talents.

You can watch the trailer embedded above. Fist Fight comes out on Feb. 17, 2017.

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