Read Groucho Marx’s Hilarious Letter of Apology To Woody Allen

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Who could stay mad at a Marx brother? Well, apparently Woody Allen. A letter has been released in which the hilarious Groucho Marx penned an apology to Allen for not responding to a letter Allen had written years before.

It was no secret that Allen was a big fan of the Marx Brothers. During the ‘60s, Allen would frequently reference them in his movies, even name dropping Groucho in the opening monologue of Annie Hall. So when Groucho didn’t reply to a letter written by Allen in 1961 it left him a little hurt. News of Allen’s hurt feelings did not reach Groucho until 1967, which inspired Groucho to write a letter of his own.

As far as apology letters go, this is among the best of them. It has the clear markings of a Marx brother throughout with tangents and explanations that there is no money in the letter writing business.

The letter must have worked because it ended the silence between the two comedians. They remained good friends until Groucho’s death in 1977.

Check out the hilarious apology letter here.

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