Jamie Lee Curtis Has Wrapped Filming on the Halloween Sequel After Only Two Weeks

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Jamie Lee Curtis Has Wrapped Filming on the Halloween Sequel After Only Two Weeks

The upcoming 2018 Halloween sequel from director David Gordon Green has certainly attracted a plethora of headlines and questions from fans from the time it was first announced. Returning former star Jamie Lee Curtis to the franchise in a direct sequel to John Carpenter’s 1978 original is a bold move, as it ignores the complicated slew of Halloween sequels that followed. According to writers Green and Danny McBride, this film actually ignores every movie to follow, even Halloween 2, which picked up directly where the first left off, subjecting Curtis’ Laurie Strode to even more punishment at the hands of silent killer Michael Myers. It obviously means that the events of Halloween H20 (Curtis’ last starring gig as the character) have been erased, along with the character’s official death in the opening of the much-derided Halloween Resurrection. It would seem that Green and McBride are working with a blank sheet of paper.

That makes it perhaps all the more surprising that Jamie Lee Curtis has apparently finished filming her sequences in the film, only two weeks after beginning the shoot on set. It calls into question what Curtis’ role will actually be on the film—will this be a glorified cameo? Or are we about to see Laurie Strode get killed off early in the film once again, as she was in Resurrection? We can only assume that fans won’t react too well, if this is the case. If either of these are true, then we can probably assume that the film’s true protagonist is either Laurie Strode’s daughter (played by Judy Greer), or her granddaughter (played by Andi Matichak). For those of you who actually remember Halloween 4 and Halloween 5, that means Greer is essentially playing a different version of Danielle Harris’ character, Jamie Lloyd.

Also important to note is the fact that if the events of Halloween 2 have been retconned, it also means that the true nature of Myers’ relationship with Strode has been thrown back up in the air. In that 1981 film, it is revealed that Michael Myers is actually Strode’s older brother, which is key to the nature of their struggle throughout the rest of the series. But if that relationship is no longer canon, it will presumably free Green and McBride to take the film in any direction they want. Could we be about to see a radically different sort of Halloween? Theoretically, they could give Myers just about any kind of motive that they want.

Also amusing to consider is the approximate age of Michael Myers as a character, using Curtis as a measuring stick. If Laurie Strode was born after Michael Myers killed his older sister Judith at the age of 6 and was institutionalized, and Curtis is currently 59 years old, that means the character of Michael Myers must logically be at least 65—a decade into his AARP card eligibility. Where do the years go when you’re stalking teens, right?

The Halloween sequel, currently still just bearing the title of Halloween, is scheduled to hit theaters on Oct. 19.

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