Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends to Cap off Michael Myers’ and Laurie Strode’s Story

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Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends to Cap off Michael Myers’ and Laurie Strode’s Story

After Blumhouse and Universal’s successful 2018 reboot of the Halloween franchise, the production companies have decided to continue the franchise with two more films, for some reason.


David Gordon Green’s 2018 Halloween contained such a climactic and rewarding ending for Jamie Lee Curtis’ Laurie Strode, and these two sequel films seem to just be an attempt to put more money in the production company’s pocket. Nonetheless, Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends are sure to rake in audiences (and money) as the apparently not burned-to-a-crisp Myers dons his emotionally devoid mask for the nth time.

Halloween Kills is set for release on Oct. 16, 2020, and the series’ closer Halloween Ends will hit theaters on Oct. 15, 2021. Green will be back to direct both, with Danny McBride to write again on both, as well. On Kills, the two received writing help from Scott Teems, and on End, Paul Brad Logan and Chris Berier chipped in.

John Carpenter is executive producing with Green, McBride, Curtis and the entirety of Blumhouse. It’s not confirmed if Carpenter will compose the score for the film after working on the 2018 score with his son Cody and Daniel Davies. The horror legend previously said he was ready to in a past interview.

Curtis, who originally played Strode in Carpenter’s 1978 classic, is back to portray Strode in both sequels after returning to the Halloween franchise for the first time in 16 years in 2018. Prior to Green’s Halloween, the franchise’s highest-grossing entry to date, Curtis had most recently starred in the 2002 film Halloween: Resurrection, which starred none other than Busta Rhymes.

Alongside Curtis, Judy Greer and Andi Matichak are back to star as Strode’s daughter, Karen, and granddaughter, Alyson, respectively, according to CoS.

Green’s addition to the Halloween franchise disregarded all of the franchise’s films following Carpenter’s 1978 film, which was honestly for the best after the franchise had one too many sequels and a twisted folklore that didn’t make one iota of sense. However, after Myers’ supposed fiery death at the end of the 2018 addition, it seems Green himself may have been suckered into wearing the rose-colored glasses of sequels. We’d be lying if we weren’t excited for more of Strode’s badass attitude, but for heaven’s sake, can we leave a good thing alone, please?

Watch Universal’s announcement video for Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends below.

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