Experience Home Alone, 8-Bit Arcade Game-Style

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Experience Home Alone, 8-Bit Arcade Game-Style

If you’ve ever wanted to watch Kevin McAllister stick it to the Wet Bandits in nostalgic, 8-bit fashion, your bizarrely specific (but understandable) holiday wish has been granted.

Home Alone has received a delightfully retro arcade game-style remake, courtesy of Cinefix’s 8 Bit Cinema series. Directed by Norwood Cheek and animated by Raz Mergian, the two and a half-minute clip evokes classic games like The Legend of Zelda while recreating Macaulay Culkin’s somehow-lovable torment of Harry and Marv down to the last booby trap, all accompanied by gloriously outmoded music and sound effects.

Take a look above, and check out the rest of Cinefix’s brilliant 8 Bit Cinema videos here.

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