Shout! Factory to Release Massive, 16-Disc Friday the 13th Blu-Ray Box Set

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Shout! Factory to Release Massive, 16-Disc Friday the 13th Blu-Ray Box Set

We won’t mince words: Shout! Factory just unveiled the mother of all Friday the 13th box sets, which is sure to be of interest to the serious horror and slasher geeks in the audience. After rumors had swirled of a major F13 announcement from the company, they unveiled a 16-disc collection on Monday that aims to be the most definitive collection of Friday the 13th films and special features ever assembled. Some 13,000 units of the “DELUXE EDITION” are being made, and pre-sold now, for a planned Oct. 13 release. The release comes in collaboration with Paramount Studios and New Line Cinema. It’s a Region A release, bearing a serious price tag of $160.

As one would no doubt expect, all 12 feature films in the greater Friday the 13th series will be included, from the 1980 original through the 2009 Platinum Dunes remake also titled Friday the 13th. Each film will have its own Blu-ray case with “original theatrical artwork,” while “some films in the set will have reversible sleeves with alternative cover art, giving you the option to swap them around,” according to Shout! Factory.

The list of extras, meanwhile, is extremely detailed and can be seen here, although this still represents an incomplete listing according to Shout! Factory. Some notable items include the following:

— A 40 page collectible essay booklet with archival still phtoography.

— New 4K transfers of both the theatrical and unrated versions of Friday the 13th (1980), Part 2, Part 3 and The Final Chapter.

— A legitimately 3D version of Friday the 13th Part 3, one of the most glorious, shamelessly silly 3D films ever made.

Suffice to say, this is an item that is sure to head to the Christmas (or Halloween) lists of a lot of horror geeks. If you can’t get enough Jason Voorhees, and you’re the sort of collector who can’t resist a huge box set, by all means check it out.

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