“Killer Blue Jeans” Movie Slaxx Is Headed to Shudder Soon

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“Killer Blue Jeans” Movie Slaxx Is Headed to Shudder Soon

We’ve been aware of the existence of “killer blue jeans” movie Slaxx for literally years and years at this point, but for those of us who enjoy an absurdist horror laugh from time to time, it’s sort of exciting to see that the film will finally be available for U.S. residents to stream in the near future. Horror streamer Shudder has picked up the horror comedy feature (March 18 release) from Canadian director Elza Kephart, which means this is a good time to revisit the batshit trailer for Slaxx found below. Suffice to say, it’s like Maximum Overdrive, except, you know … confined to a single pair of pants. Terror ensues, we’re sure.

Slaxx is a proud entry in the “inanimate object comes to life and starts killing people” sub-genre of horror, which we immortalized in a list of a dozen inanimate object horror movies last year, while also referencing Slaxx. Some of the films on that list are serious horror efforts, but it’s clear that Slaxx is leaning into the lighthearted tone of “killer jeans,” while also making a genuine effort to provide gross-out delights and gore. The story takes place in a high-end clothing store, where employees are locked in overnight with a rampaging pair of possessed, high-tech jeans. So now that we think about it, the film is basically Chopping Mall, which is by no means a bad thing.

Slaxx stars actress Romane Denis, and was directed and co-written by Kephart, alongside Patricia Gomez. It initially debuted at the Fantasia International Film Festival in Montreal back in August of 2020, and then had a limited release in Canada in the fall, no doubt marred by the COVID-19 pandemic. The move to Shudder will likely be the first time that a wider audience gets to see a dancing pair of blue jeans leaping out, strangling people and slicing off their hands. And after the dour pandemic year we’ve had, that sounds like just what the doctor ordered.

Check out the full Slaxx trailer below. The film hits Shudder on March 18, 2021.

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