Tucker & Dale‘s Eli Craig to Direct “Wedding Horror” Film Bride and Doom

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Tucker & Dale‘s Eli Craig to Direct “Wedding Horror” Film Bride and Doom

We’re always up for a pioneering new horror comedy, especially one from the mind of director Eli Craig—he of the much-loved Tucker & Dale vs. Evil. Today comes news that Craig has signed on to direct a new horror comedy by the name of Bride and Doom, and get this: It’s being described as “Cloverfield meets My Big Fat Greek Wedding.” Now there’s a mashup we haven’t seen before. Craig will be co-writing the script, alongside Josh Parkinson.

“I’m an unabashed fan of wedding movies, but I think we’re past the point of seeing everything work out in the end,” said Craig in a statement. “Everything doesn’t always work out, and weddings are sometimes the worst day of people’s lives. So let’s make an honest wedding movie for a change — let’s make it a horror movie!”

This sounds like a pretty zany concept, if not entirely novel. In particular the Spanish REC 3: Genesis also comes to mind as a horror film set at a wedding. Likewise, Rec 3 also contains elements of found footage, which Bride and Doom could as well, especially with the Cloverfield comparison. After all, it’s a wedding—there’s probably a videographer filming the entire thing.

At the same time, fans are still hoping for some kind of return to Tucker & Dale for Craig and stars Alan Tudyk and Tyler Labine, which the trio have hinted at in the past. Since then, Craig has also directed Netflix’s Little Evil with Adam Scott and Evangeline Lilly—a serviceable horror comedy that didn’t exactly excite audiences to the same extent as Tucker & Dale. Let’s hope that Bride and Doom proves to be a return to form.

We’ll bring you more information on the development of Bride and Doom as it appears.

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