The V/H/S Horror Series Will Return with V/H/S 94

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The V/H/S Horror Series Will Return with V/H/S 94

Horror anthology V/H/S, which first arrived in 2012, was a prominent entry in the late 2000’s explosion of found footage horror movies, infusing the genre with some much-needed life after countless Paranormal Activity clones had just about depleted the concept. With segments from a veritable who’s who of indie horror stars, including Adam Wingard, David Bruckner, Ti West, Radio Silence, Glenn McQuaid and Joe Swanberg, the simple concept of a collection of disturbing, cursed VHS tapes made for a perfectly frightening experience.

The good times kept rolling with well-regarded first sequel V/H/S 2 in 2013, bringing new blood to the series with filmmakers like Timo Tjahjanto (The Night Comes For Us and Gareth Evans (The Raid), but the series then flamed out with the poorly received V/H/S: Viral in 2014. Aside from a spin-off in the form of 2016’s Siren, that’s the last we’d heard about the V/H/S series—until now.

Word has arrived today that V/H/S is being rebooted, from filmmakers behind recent titles like Ready or Not and The Night House. The new film, titled V/H/S 94, will presumably be swimming in that beloved 1990s nostalgia, and will be written and developed by David Bruckner, director of the original installment’s iconic “Amateur Night” segment, which went on to be developed into Siren. Bruckner is a pretty hot commodity, having recently directed The Night House, and being signed on to direct a Hellraiser reboot by Spyglass Media, which has been gestating for quite a while.

Other directors on board for V/H/S 94 include the filmmaking trio Radio Silence (Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, Tyler Gillett, Chad Villella), which brought us Ready or Not and Southbound in addition to the original V/H/S segment “10/31/98,” along with Simon Barrett (You’re Next), Timo Tjahjanto and new director Chloe Okuno.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, this installment will differ notably in its construction, however. Rather than simply being a collection of viewable tapes, “V/H/S/94 will be the first in the horror series to be presented in a single, fluid narrative, with each section linked up.” That’s actually fairly similar to the technique that Radio Silence used throughout Southbound, so perhaps this will have a similar vibe.

We’ll bring you more info on this V/H/S revival as it raises its terrifying visage.

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